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Mystery and Imagination

For September 13th, we celebrate two greats in the children’s entertainment world. The writer Roald Dahl was born 1916 and he is probably best known for creating a wealth of popular children’s characters from The Twits to the Big Friendly Giant. Many of these characters have also made it to the movie screen, most notably Willie Wonka. Aside from his work for children, others will remember him for the TV series ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ and he also had a hand in screenplays for films such as ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and the Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’.


At the other end of the spectrum, we have everybody’s favourite Great Dane, Scooby Doo, who debuted on American TV today in 1969. The original proposal for the show was for five musicians-cum-mystery investigators - Geoff, Mike, Kelly, Linda, Linda's brother "W.W." and their dog, Too Much, who played the bongos! A few changes were made and the result was the popular and long-running cartoon series we still have today. The linking factor today is obviously imagination and mystery. Although with only seven weeks to go, it’s a little early for a Halloween-based event, now might be a good time to advance your plans for the spooky season with our help.

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